Taking pills may help with a headache. But if you don’t exclude stressful situations from your life, the headache will return over and over again.

8. Low libido
An emotionally drained person, someone who is often exposed to stress, usually has quite a low libido. Scientists conducted a study and came to such a conclusion. So if you haven’t had sex with your partner for a long time, don’t be mad or worried as this will not help the situation. If the reason really is stress, it will only make things worse. A great thing to do would be to go on vacation together.

9. Problems with sleep
Stressful situations can be a reason for serious problems with sleep. You might have insomnia if you’ve been under heavy stress for a long time. This is a very difficult situation because a person can’t work normally and enjoy life without good sleep. When sleeping pills don’t work anymore, it’s time to be alert and maybe see a doctor. It’s very important that you find the reason for your sleep problems and eliminate it as quickly as possible.

10. Cardiovascular diseases
Our hearts have to go through a lot during our lives, both good things and bad. Stress has a bad influence on the heart. Scientists proved that chronic stress is one of the most frequent causes of cardiovascular diseases. Such circumstances as hard work or, vice versa, no work at all, living in poverty, and problems in the family only make the situation worse.

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