Iron deficiency happens when your body doesn’t have enough iron it’s system.Your body needs iron so having an iron deficiency is something that’s going to have a major effect on how your body functions.

However, having an iron deficiency isn’t something that you always know you have. There are ways to tell that you have it. There are symptoms and signs that your body is lacking the iron it needs.

What are these signs and symptoms?

Are they preventable?

13 Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

Below are going to be signs that your body might have an iron deficiency.

Not having enough iron in your system is usually directly linked to your diet. You can get iron through having a healthy diet.

However, if you look at the average person’s diet, it’s more than likely lacking some iron, but typically not enough to cause an iron deficiency.

Having an iron deficiency can lead to iron deficiency anemia. This means that your red blood cells aren’t going to be able to carry as much oxygen to your tissues. Obviously, oxygen is a vital part of our lives so if you aren’t getting the oxygen you need, you can see how this will lead to significant problems.

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