12 Awesome Tips for Women to Lose a Ton of Weight

Stop starving and trying intensive workouts to lose weight. Researchers say that small leaps are best way to shed weight.

Because small changes don’t have sudden impact on your health and you can easily include it to your lifestyle.

You’ll be more focused and regular.

Below listed are top 12 tips that include eat less, move more and look perfect.

How to Start?

Commence with one to two changes and when you’re completely habituated with them go on with other changes.


#1 Limit foods with high fat content

Check foods with high fat and avoid them or gradually decrease their intake. Foods like ice cream, potato chips, fries and cakes must be avoided.

Instead replace them with veggies and fresh fruits.

#2 Everyday walk for 5 minutes

Start with 5 minutes a day and extend up-to 30 minutes.

Studies show that woman who increased physical activity regularly showed significant reduce in weight than woman who just followed diet plan.

#3 Drink water

Water is fat-burning elixir. Low amount of water will directly affect your metabolism functioning.

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