12 Awesome Tips for Women to Lose a Ton of Weight

#4 Bring your lunch box from home

Food outside isn’t good for your health. Pack your lunch, this will save you from hundreds of calories per year.

#5 Eat whole fruit and skip fruit juice

Chewing fruits will release more saliva and also sends message to brain about the digestion process.

High amount of fiber in fruits helps to satisfy your appetite for longer time.

#6 Have enough sleep

A study conducted for 11 days show that people who don’t have enough sleep will likely to gain weight within weeks.

Having good sleep will have immediate positive impact on your overall health.

#7 Eat balanced breakfast

Try something that satisfy your stomach and taste buds. Egg whites and turkey bacon with whole-wheat toast is preferred.

#8 Avoid alcohol consumption

Apart from causing health issues, alcohol intake can rack up hundreds of calories that will not satisfy your appetite.

#9 Avoid distractions while eating

Studies show that having distractions like seeing TV or texting will increase 40 percent more calories than usual. So avoid it and just finish the food without any distraction.

#10 Prefer healthy foods as snacks

Instead of consuming junk foods to satisfy your crave between meals, nutritionist suggest to ingest healthy food like cheese, peanut butter or a fruit.

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