4 signs of cancer of ovary every woman must know

Sadly are no good valid tests but the CA125 blood test may give results like false negative and does not see malignancy. Another problem exists too. may signs are mistaken for other issues like IBS. So the tumor gets diagnosed on stage 3, too late.


  1. Bloating – chronic issue like this can last 3 weeks or more and might be tumor.
  2. Lower belly and pelvis pain – PMS cramps are normal and the pain that goes along lasts even 3 weeks so it might be ovary cancer. Those before menopause must be careful, this imitates periods.
  3. Hard time/eating, swallowing, feeling full – less appetite means if over 3 weeks you develop issues like bowel issues, intestines, and such. Might be cancer, but still talk with a doctor.
  4. More urinating – if you see yourself going to the toilet often, and the liquid is hanging, might be ovary cancer also not holding it or passing it freely is just as well.
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