8 Important Signs Your Fingernails Can Tell About Your Health

A lot of people might not know about this, while the few who do might ignore it under the pressure of our hectic routines. But nails are an important form of indicator of some disastrous physical ailment that is cropping up in our body. This makes them even more useful other than merely serving to beautify our fingers. To understand the message that the nail conveys, it is required to carefully note the edges, the color, and the bends in our nails. Also, we need to examine whether they are thick or thin which shows how brittle they are. They may indicate a major organ failure too, at times. Some of the important signs have been listed below.

Weirdly rounded nail
This happens when there is a possibility of liver dysfunction or some form of lung disease that disrupts the breathing process. It causes the nail to get rounded around the nail bed thereby making it look puffed. At times, the surrounding skin gets inflated too.

Thin and brittle

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