Black Forest Ice Cream Sundae (Vegan) – Bakemas Day 12

It might be Monday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat a sundae!

I’m such an advocate for ice cream in winter, I actually prefer eating it in winter, you get to curl up with a blanket (preferably a festive one) put on a film (also, that could be festive too) and eat ice cream and you’re already cosy and warm. Also, if you’re going to do this you should do it properly and make a coffee or hot chocolate to go with it because cold ice cream and a hot drink, ahh if only I had a little free time to curl up on the sofa and do this right now. Quick note though; you should probably make sure the hot drink isn’t going to burn your tongue before you drink it straight after a mouthful of ice cream, because a burnt tongue is no fun.

There’s something about the idea of black forest gateau that seems festive to me, is it a festive food? I say this hypothetically because if I’ve ever had a black forest gateau I don’t remember it, also it involves a lot of cream so it probably wouldn’t be my best friend. I originally planned for this to be a milkshake but damn I just love a good sundae and couldn’t resist making one of those instead. I’ve also discovered the joy of coconut cream, for some reason I’ve only just tried it, so ridiculously happy that I can eat hot chocolate cake with cream again.

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