Black Forest Ice Cream Sundae (Vegan) – Bakemas Day 12

If it seems like a lot of effort to make cookies and sauce to go in a sundae don’t panic this cookies are so easy to make, they’re my go to “I need chocolate” recipe to make because I frequently crave chocolate but don’t want to eat chocolate – weird. The cookies are so quick to make and the berry sauce is really simple, if you don’t make it too sweet the slight tartness pairs well with the sweet the chocolate ice cream which I love, you could even not blend the sauce if you don’t want to wash up the blender (me, always) and those chocolate dipped cherries; I need a bowl of those in the fridge at all times.

I made this a vegan sundae with chocolate soy ice cream (Swedish glace all the flippin’ way) and coconut cream but you can use your favourite chocolate ice cream and dairy cream. Let’s get to this because films need to be watched, blankets need to be snuggled under and this sundae needs to be eaten.

You will need
Chocolate cookies
Berry sauce
Chocolate ice cream
Whipped cream (I used coconut)
Fresh Cherries
Dark Chocolate

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