Get Rid Of Face Stains And Make Your Skin Shine In Only 3 Days! (Recipe)

We all want and thrive to get clean and beautiful face skin, but our skin is sometimes sensitive and after each injury, pimple or other skin issue, it is left with some face stains. But we should not worry about it, there is natural remedies and substances, which when combine make awesome mixture that can help you easing the stains or removing them fully. In order to do that we will try this great recipes to get rid of that stubborn stains.

Potatoes and lemon recipe

You’ll require:

  • 1 potato
  • Juice of a big part of a lemon.

How to prepare the mixture:

You have to start with peeling the potatoes. At that point you have to mix them and add the lemon juice.  Next step is we will have to blend these ingredients until you get a fine mixture which you will use later on your face as a face cowl (mask).

Apply this face veil in your pores and skin in a roundabout motion and leave  it rest for 20 minutes on your face. At that factor wash it off with water.

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Potatoes and garlic

Essential ingredients that we will require:

  • a large part of a garlic
  • 1 potato

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