How to Make Your Period End Faster – Tips and Remedies

Periods can sometimes come in the way of our plans. An adventure trip, a wedding, a swimming competition; and right when you are geared for it, phew, periods come knocking. There is limited research on ways to control your periods. However, there are some proven methods that work for speeding or stopping the periods. Let’s discuss the methods in detail.

There is no proven method for controlling periods. However, once your periods start, you can follow these methods to ensure that the menstrual blood leaves the uterus fast, thereby shortening the length of your period cycle. Here are some methods that help in stopping periods fast once they have started.

  • 1. Orgasm
  • 2. Exercise
  • 3. Do Not Use Tampons
  • 4. Birth Control Pills
  • Stopping/Reducing Menstrual Flow in the Long Run
  • 1. IUD
  • 2. Hormones
  • 3. Eat Right
  • 4. Maintain a Healthy Weight
  • 5. Herbal Remedies
  • 7. Exercise is a Must
  • Stopping Your Period- How Safe is This in The Long-Run?

1. Orgasm

Yes!! Having sex leads to orgasms which make the uterus contract. These contractions increase the menstrual blood flow and hence your periods will end faster and quicker. This method is not backed by any scientific evidence, but since it does not have adverse effects, it is worth a try.

2. Exercise

Exercise is not just good for the general well-being of the body, it also increases contractions in the uterus. Movement of the body will allow more blood to leave the uterus through the vagina, thus ending your periods faster.

3. Do Not Use Tampons

While tampons are a convenient way of managing periods, they may block the outlet of blood from the vagina. So if you want a speedy and smoothly-flowing period, do away with those tampons and use sanitary napkins instead.

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