How to Unclog Your Lymph Glands Naturally

To unclog your lymph glands naturally, most might decided to take a visit to the doctor. One very common misconception is that swollen lymph nodes mean cancer. But in reality, swollen lymph glands are usually far from a medical emergency.

Lymph nodes play the very important role of filtering lymph fluid through the body. This means they fight and get rid of all sorts of harmful microorganisms, which keeps the immune system healthy and functional! This also means you definitely don’t want your lymph glands to be clogged. They are crucial for a healthy immune system.

If your lymph glands are not in working order, you could be more susceptible to illness and disease. So, yes, clogged lymph glands are cause for discomfort and should be fixed. The good news is that there are plenty of ways for you to free up your lymph nodes with good, old home remedies. In this article, we discuss some ways to unclog your lymph glands naturally!


“The biggest drain we have in the body is the lymphatic system, which can stay clogged for many years. This forces us to adapt to an environment of toxins that stress and weaken immunity and other important pathways of detoxification.” – Dr. John Douillard

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