Is Stevia a Safe Sweetener? Health Benefits and Side Effects

We Don’t Fully Digest Stevia

Upon ingestion, our digestive system breaks stevia down into a compound called steviol glucuronide, which is then excreted by urine.

Stevia sweetener now enjoys commercial success as a non-glycemic, zero carb, and calorie-free sugar alternative.

Although it may seem like a new product, stevia has a long history going back to ancient times.

In some countries such as China and Paraguay, pure stevia leaves have been valued for their natural sweetness for centuries (2).

Key Point: Stevia is an intensely sweet extract from the leaves of the stevia rebaudiana plant. It is used as a calorie-free sweetener.

Types of Stevia

Firstly, there are four different types of the sweetener available;

1. Stevia Powder Extract

Stevia Leaves Next To the Powdered Sweetener.

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