Keto Meal Plan for Beginners | The Perfect Keto Diet Menu for Beginners

 What is a Keto Diet?

A keto diet is low-carb eating set up designed to drive your body into a state known as ketosis.

Ketosis is a natural metabolic condition that drives the body to produce ketones out of fat. It then uses them for energy rather than carbohydrates.

Your body solely goes into ketosis once carbohydrates intake is low. this is often the main purpose of a ketogenic diet.

This interprets to:

60-75% of your calories from fat.
15-30% of your calories from protein.
5-10% of your calories from carbs.

As extreme as this could appear, the keto diet is medically tested and proved to be very helpful for health.

It has so far been connected to weight loss, reversing sort two diabetes, and managing blood glucose levels.

Since the keto diet menu follows a strict guideline, having a sample meal plan will make things easier.

It takes the guesswork out of selecting what to eat and to not eat on a keto diet.

It additionally removes the headache of calculative your macro parts to achieve ketosis.

That’s all designed into this Keto meal plan.

Just by following this, you’ll mechanically place your body in the fat-burning zone a.k.a ketosis.

Here could be a 7-day sample keto diet menu to get started on the keto diet and ignite your fat burning.

In addition to the keto diet menu, here is your “keto diet food list”.

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