Reduce Stress and Boost Your Metabolism by Massaging Your Feet

A foot massage is all you need to reduce stress and feel more relaxed. The best part is that not only it relaxes you, but also improves your overall health. A nice foot massage before going to bed can help you improve your metabolism, improves your blood flow and stimulates the secretion of sweat.

Massaging can also help you eliminate acid that cause cramps; it affects your muscle stretch and facilitates digestion.

Applying pressure to certain points on your feet can help you improve the work of your organs and can help you treat many diseases.

Foot massage is really healing because 15,000 of nerve endings are found on the soles and the opposite ends of the same nerves are shattered all over your body.

A 15 minute massage every night before going to bed will help you stimulate many other parts of your body. Just use your thumb or index finger and simply press on the indicated pressure point.

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