Relieve Yourself From Pain by Pressing These Pressure Points in Your Hand

 Acupressure is an ancient technique to relieve pain, and cure the body from different kinds of ailments. The science behind this practice is a well-studied one about how different points on the hands heal the corresponding infirmity in the body.Supporters and practitioners of this medical science believe that once a person starts observing acupressure as a regular practice, the body develops an ability of its own to heal itself. With time it has also been confirmed that through this technique positive changes like increase in immunity, release of tension and improved blood circulation take place.

The technique

 It’s extremely important to recognize which area in the body is being subjected to pain or stress. Once that has been determined, the next step is to look for the corresponding point on the palm. The point is slowly pressed for 5 seconds, gradually increasing the pressure. After this, the pressure is released for 3 seconds. The cycle of 5 seconds of pressure and 3 seconds of relief is repeated for a couple of minutes. While this technique is suggested in case of regular pain, in case of chronic pain it’s advisable that everyday you put pressure on the corresponding point using your thumb to massage. In this manner you’ll be relieved of your discomfort sooner than expected.

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