The 9 Best exercises for muscle growth!

Deadlifts are a great total-body movements and allows you to activate about 8 muscle groups simultaneously.

This exercises is considered by many as the “king of mass building” and for good reasons, it carries a lot of benefits.

The benefits of deadlifts are:

Core stability – It targets all of the major muscle groups responisble for correct posture and core strength.

More muscles being worked – As mentioned previously it activates about 8 different muscle groups at once.

Gripping strength – If done without the support of wraps, it’s agreat way to increase gripping strength.

Boosting testosterone product – As you increase the weight max of your deadlifts your testosterone production wll increase.

Shoulder Presses

Multi-joint movements like presses engage the greatest degree of deltoid musculature, which is why they are the best mass builders for shoulders.

Developing strong shoulders is something you have to do as it will help you  perform better with exercises such as bench press, push-ups, back rolls, etc.

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