Things To Remember For A Good Intimate Hygiene

Intimate hygiene is a very crucial thing for both men and women. However, considering the number of diseases and infections that women are exposed to these days, it has become a mandatory health routine for them. One can understand the condition down there by the itchiness or the kind of vaginal smell that it emits.

However, these are also dependent on other factors like menstrual cycles or sexual activities. A few things should be kept in mind while taking care of a woman’s intimate parts and they have been listed below:

Washing the area properly

First and foremost, it is necessary to wash it properly and regularly down there. Washing the vagina everyday might also reduce the odor to some extent for the place is being cleaned on a regular basis. Even if one is unable to take a shower on a particular day due to some reason, do not forget to clean the vaginal area.

Also, if you are engaged in physical activity sessions like exercise or yoga; do not forget to take a shower after each session in order to prevent the sweat from accumulating on the skin and vagina. Using a cleanser that has some flowery or fruity smell is a big NO. A normal cleanser which is not aromatic can be used instead.

Aromatic cleansers have certain chemical compositions which might disturb the Ph level of the vagina. Also, one is supposed to clean just the external part and not the inner layers of the skin which are sensitive.

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