This Is What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Applying The Nail Polish

These are some natural alternatives to the nail polish:


  • It is a natural nail polish that is also based on water and it doesn’t have even the slightest trace of any of the chemicals we mentioned above.


  • SpaRitual is the vegan nail polish brand. It’s free of any kind of toxins.


  • Acquarella is an entirely natural ingredient and it offers more than 50 different nail colors.
  • It’s water-based and it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, triphenylphosphate nor toluene.


  • It contains enamels that are based on argan oil and it’s 100% free of toxins.
  • This nail polish is also the best choice if you want to keep your nails hydrated.
  • We all know that the colored nails look prettier than the not colored ones.
  • However, using commercial brands are exposing you to a risk that is not worth taking.
  • If you have to color your nails, you should always opt for natural nail polish brands that are not going to harm your nails and your health
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