Watch Out For Signs On Your Face! They Can Reveal What Is Wrong With Your Body

Here are different areas of acne breakouts as well as what could they mean:

  • Acne on the cheekbones (Poor blood circulation)
  • Acne within the T-zone (Microbial buildup)
  • Too much intake of espresso (Stress)
  • Excessive drinking (Smoking)
  • Meeting your face regularly
  • *Acne on the mouth, neckline and chin
  • Candida contamination
  • Hormonal issues
  • Excessive usage of starch
  • Too much consumption of prepared sugar

Face mapping which knows the precise location of the organ is a more specific technique for detection of an illness. That’s why, you need to know where the organs are placed. Only then you’ll know the real reason why some of your health problems appear

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