Workouts to Build a Round Booty and Toned Legs

You want your legs to stop growing, but your butt isn’t big enough?

If you keep doing squats and lunges and keep increasing your strength, your quadriceps will continue to grow. If you keep increasing your strength with all hamstring exercises, your hamstrings will continue to grow. If you want your legs to stop growing, you have to stop increasing your strength during these exercises. The stronger you get the more muscle mass you get. So to make your legs stop growing, you have to stop getting stronger during leg day.

If you want to grow your booty, you have to activate those muscles in the right way. You have to get stronger and make constant progress during glute exercises. You can’t grow that perfect round booty without increasing your strength. You need to train heavy and you need to keep getting stronger to let your muscles grow.

As with all your muscles, this also applies to your buttocks. By increasing your sets, reps or the weight you are using during the exercises, you keep making progress. Keep increasing your exercise intensity and push yourself harder. Make sure your butt becomes stronger, because it won’t grow if it doesn’t increase in strength.

As you might have noticed, the options for exercises decrease rapidly when you do want your glutes to grow but don’t want your legs to grow. You need to do fewer squats, lunges, leg presses, leg extensions, step-ups or Bulgarian squats, because they activate your quadriceps too much. Even the hip thrust activates your legs in such a way it will grow your legs. Also, no Romanian deadlifts, leg curls, glute ham raises or back extensions, because they lead to too much hamstring activation.

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